The Shortcut

Hi my name is Kristian Thompson, I am a 33 year old male from Kingston Upon Hull in England. I have a ghost story that I would like to share with you.

Me and my now ex girlfriend (mother to my child) were taking a short cut through a grave yard to go and buy a bottle of wine for my mum, neither of us had been drinking. It was quicker that way to get to the only shop that was left open as it was about one in the morning and I was walking my rottweiler dog, Pritty who could go of the lead in the empty wooded grave yard.

While walking through an arch of tree's the atmosphere got strange, its hard to explain better than that, and suddenly Teri jumped and said someone had touched her hand. On looking back I observed a figure, slightly see through, with no legs I could see. She was dressed in what appeared to be an old nurses uniform. I jumped a bit and my girlfriend sensed it and asked me what was wrong, I said you "you don't want to know". She looked back anyway and got quite afraid and uneasy.

We hurried to go as we were not far from the gate but we couldn't see, or hear my dog. This was strange as we usually could always hear if not see her. We kept walking off towards the gate, when we got there we stopped, turned around and could still clearly see the ghost. We kept shouting for my dog, who was nowhere to be seen. As we were looking, the ghost waved at us and vanished then Pritty appeared no more than five meters away from us, apparently out of thin air and with no sound.

I went back to my mums and told her about it and she informed me my dad's (who I have had no contact with since childhood) mother is buried just near the spot this happened. On top of that she was a nurse in France in the 2nd World War, none of this was known to me at the time.

To make things stranger this happened mid October and my son Alexander was born to Teri August the 13th the following year. Meaning he had just been conceived or was, just after this event. Me and Teri have since split up and one of the few things we still agree on is that sighting.

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