My Personal Experiences Part Two

When I was a kid, long after the truck incident, I began to suffer from severe insomnia and would literally not sleep for two days at a stretch (even now, I still suffer from it, but at least I'm not forced to lay in a bed all night and can be productive).

It's been a long time so I'm not sure how many times this happened, but I know it happened several times and several different ways. I would receive what I guess you would call "visitations" by entities... or a single entity in multiple forms. The spare room I slept in wasn't well insulated as it was a West Texas rush job and, in the winters, it would get very chilly but thankfully it was also heated by an old-fashioned gas heater. At night, the blue exposed flames would cast eerie shadows and the faint hiss of gas would only add to the strange aura of the room.

As I remember it, a scratching sound caught my attention. Keep in mind, the room was unusually dark even with the heater going as if something had ramped up the inky blackness. As I looked towards the flames, I saw something walk in front of it -- I couldn't see its body, only its legs... thin athletic things as though it were an animal. The closest approximation I could think of was a deer. What was a goddamn deer doing in my room?

The animal made soft scratching noises on the floor as it walked and reacted when I shifted in the bed the way a skittish wild animal would. I watched this thing silhouetted against the blue light of the heater for several minutes until it simply walked off, the scratching sounds on the floor fading away. I never saw it again.

What I did see several times was much more terrifying -- a black oozing smoke-like shape that would billow in through the door and crawl along the ceiling. It looks like smoke, but it would move with intelligence and purpose into the room, around the ceiling, and then back out again. Occasionally, it would stop over my bed and pause for a moment as if it were regarding me with a passing interest. I would be petrified with fear and wouldn't move, the only thing I was able to will myself to do was breathe like a marathon runner and try not to think about my heart throbbing like a subwoofer in my chest. The black mass never made a sound as it came and left. I'm not sure how many times I saw it, but I do remember it pushing a door open one night that I had specifically closed to keep it out.

My little brother shared the room with me, but never mentioned anything about the weird things that happened there. I myself had learned not to say anything about it either as mom and particularly dad were crazy religious and would yell at me for even suggesting that there was something inhabiting the house that wasn't us.

I asked my brother a few years ago if he remembered anything weird happening in the room and he told me he didn't want to think about it but then, as I listened, he told me about how he woke up in the middle of the night one night to see black smoke hanging on the ceiling over the bed. He also told me about a time he walked through the room to go outside and saw a man leaning over the bunk bed we shared. When I told him about what I had seen, it looked like he was about to cry because he wasn't alone anymore.

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