I came across your website yesterday and liked how you were skeptical and yet openminded at the same time. This is the reason I chose to share my story with you. I don't really want it shared, I am just desperate for an opinion.

OK, here goes. Please let me know what you think and PLEASE let me remain anonymous; please don't share my email.

I have never believed in ghosts but I do not know how to explain this story:

I have lived in my house for 12 years. A few years after my husband and I moved in, an elderly couple moved in next door. We never were close, but would exchange a "hello" and "good morning" if we met outside. About three years ago, the man of the house, I will call him Luke, passed away. I was of course saddened, and sent flowers to the funeral home. His wife eventually moved out, life went on, and honestly I did not think a whole lot more about them. Then, about a year ago, I was in a hurry one morning for some reason and walked up to my sink where there are two windows that face the house where Luke lived. I looked up, and there was Luke, walking down his driveway. I was not scared, I remember just trying to process what I was seeing - Did he have a twin brother?? A son who looks identical?? However, I knew that who I was looking at was Luke. I watched him walk (the whole episode took about 10 seconds I would guess) down the driveway and out of my sight. Now here is the strange part (creepy creepy): it had lightly snowed during the night, and I noticed that he left no footprints. I remember walking to my front room to look out the front windows to see if I could see him still walking, but of course he was gone.

So, what did I see? I had not been thinking about him so even though I know it could have been a figment of my imagination, I just don't know what to think. Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I have told NO ONE about this, assuming everyone would think I was crazy and also do not want it somehow getting back to someone from Luke's family who could see it as an insult. Did I imagine it? What do you think?

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