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I've been following your site for a while now and I've always enjoyed seeing your paranormal investigating of pictures. And since you started the new section of stories I thought I might as well send in one of my more intriguing encounters with the paranormal.

Here's some background on my 2nd scariest paranormal experience. Starting around the age of 4 I had a terrible case of Pavor Nocturnous or "Night terrors" I had terrible dreams constantly. We had moved houses when I was 6 and lived in one near my grandmother's house which was a huge almost medevil looking house with stone walls, a large chandelier, stained glass windows, and an enormous staircase that I was always terrified of.

My cousin lived there because his mom practiced witchcraft and nobody felt that it was a suitable environment for him to grow up in. My cousin's room was right at the top of the staircase and had a door leading to the attic and another door on the opposite side of the exit door that lead to a large closet filled with his toys. When I spent the night there my cousin refused to sleep in his own room because for some reason he claimed to be scared up their, he never had any paranormal encounters (yet) but he refused to sleep in his room so I slept in their, alone.

That night I had one of the worst, most real seeming dreams I had ever had at the time. In the dream, me and my cousin were playing games in the toy closet for a while, then suddenly some music started playing coming from the back of the closet and we felt an overwhelming evil presence. I don't remember the song at all but it just struck fear in me for some reason.

We both scrambled out of the closet and bolted for the door (Which seemed to be farther away than usual) then when we were almost to the door the attic door burst open (I didn't dare to turn back because it would slow me down but I heard it and the music got louder when it did) and we finally made it out of the room. When we got out of the room we found that the entire house looked normal except for the staircase, it looked as if it had been left 40 years with no maintenance. The handrails where rotted, the carpet was stained, etc and we hesitated to go down it for a bit but then it seemed that the music was catching up to us.

Then darkness was coming out of the room and approaching fast. I ran down the dilapidated staircase while my cousin stayed, and as a grabbed the rails they broke off the poles and the whole staircase just started crumbling down. It also seemed that no matter how fast I ran down the stairs it just kept going and going as if I would never reach the end so I stopped, turned around and saw the dark presence that was the source of the music, I would freeze with fear, then it would get me and I would scream awake.

I woke up way before anyone else and there was no way I was going back to bed (It also didn't help that I was lying down where the nightmare took place) so I just lay down there, scared out of my wits until morning. This dream repeated itself many, many, many times. Sometimes up to 3 times a month. And I continued to have it for several years and never told anyone about it except for my psychiatrist, who I went to because of other nightmares I had.

I took the dream as normal for a while and it started being less and less real. My grandma, cousin, several aunts, and me all had minor physical encounters at the house too, but I still told nobody of the dream. Finally they moved out of the house because they couldn't afford it anymore. Then after they moved out I stopped having that specific dream with their house. I thought nothing of it.

Then quite recently about 3 years ago I found out some quite disturbing news. My cousin's mom who practiced witchcraft used to live their, but they kicked her out because she was playing satanic music on their grand piano, the only thing she did was evil play music on their grand piano. Just like in my dream, the evil always came from the music. I didn't know about the music as a kid, theirs no way I could have known. Even today every time I tell someone this story or just type it, it sends me chills and my eyes start watering. You may not believe it so I don't really blame you if you don't post it on your site, but it's true.

~Chris Cox
Age 14

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