The Door

Hello, I recently sent you pictures of what appeared to be ghosts which you claimed it was mist. I thank you for the clarification. but now I have a story of one of my experiences with the paranormal. I hope you enjoy my story. although it may be a boring one.

This all happened about 7 months ago in my old apartment. I had been waking up every morning to find my door open. figuring it was either my mom or my sister opening it to spy on me. I never noticed that the door was always open in the same exact spot till later on. So I just closed the door and continued my day.

Up until a certain night I was on my phone texting and watching a movie in my room and I heard my door knob turn quickly and the door jolted open into the same spot it opened all the previous nights before. I told my sister about it and apparently she had been having experiences like I have. apparently she named the “ghost” Bill. “don’t ask my sister is strange in such ways”

I tried many tests to clarify the door wasn’t simply opening because of faulty workmanship caused by myself. I tried tugging on the door. I tried closing the door down the stairs to get some wind pressure. I tried opening my window but I could not replicate what had been happening. before and after I replaced the doorknob which I did a week before the encounter the door would open on it’s own.

After that night, it happened twice more while I was sleeping and ceased to continue. I know I should’ve done an EVP or something but I had no equipment to do as such. so all I have now is a story and one I will remember for a while. It was cool for it to happen.

~Dillon Stewart .

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