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Hi, Jason.

This photo was taken by my boyfriend in 2009 at Port Arthur, Tasmania. Port Arthur was a penal colony and a lot of convicts died here in 1800s.

Can you let us know what we're looking at? There appears to be an apparition on the right side of the photo, but we may be wrong. We've always meant to have someone take a look at it, but we never got around to it until town.

This is one of the rooms in Port Arthur -- the kitchen of a Minister's house. There was a velvet rope separating the tour group from the rest of the scene. There was, however, nothing to reflect off of, such as a glass divider. Let us know what you think.

Thank you.



While it wouldn't surprise me that there would be some paranormal activity in Port Arthur given its history, I'm not convinced that what we're looking at in this picture is a genuine ghost.  I've isolate the anomaly to the left and played with the contrast and brightness to try and bring out more detail.

As you can see, the apparition is actually wearing what appears to be a modern-day hooded jacket which pretty much rules out anything from the past.  What is also notable is that the tile pattern that appears over the phantom appears to actually be a design on the jacket itself.

While it's likely that, like most pictures today, this was taken on a digital camera this looks like a class case of double exposure.  I imagine that one picture -- perhaps even taken accidentally -- accidentally got superimposed on another creating the illusion of a ghost.  The light leakage and multiple orbs in the photo seem to support the hypothesis as well.


Double exposure.  Not a ghost.






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