Sinister Spirits in the Mirror

The Story

While investigating a horrific haunting in his own home, the photographer snapped this picture of his bathroom mirror. The developed photograph was chilling in that it revealed two disembodied heads around the top of the mirror, each with glowing eyes.


Mirrors are tricky things.  They reflect, refract, and bend light and slap you in the face with your own flash.  Taking decent pictures of a mirror is hard enough when there is no paranormal activity, and when a picture of a mirror with a ghost pops up, it deserves extra scrutiny due to the tricks that they can play on eyes and on film.

With this picture, however, the optical effect is astounding and more than a little disturbing.  Although much of the story behind this picture eludes me, I do remember that it was featured on a television show called Sightings and it was taken by a man investigating a haunting in his own home.  He took the picture when he said he felt a "disturbing presence" in the room with him.

Unless there is outright trickery with this photo, I don't believe that we're looking at a trick of the light or something actually reflected in the mirror.  If I were going to fake something like this, I would have used Vaseline and painted the faces on the mirror with a thin layer, allowing the flash to give them form but I can't imagine that this is the case.

This is one of the more disturbing ghost photos I have seen and, to my knowledge, I don't think it's ever been explained by the professionals, but like I said, my knowledge of the case is pretty limited.  Still, I get very bad vibes just from looking at it and that doesn't happen a lot.




Barring insidious trickery, there are ghosts in the mirror.

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