Orbs: Here We Go Again

The Story

Hi Jason

This is a picture taken in above.

The orb by me came about as I had a feeling of something next to me and shouted at my son to take a photo.

I believe in the paranormal but always try to look for a rational explanation first so checked the wall behind me and found there was nothing to cause it. There was nothing on the lens and used a digital camera. It is too big to be an insect so would love to hear what you think caused it is.

The bunkers are known to be haunted by two WW2 airmen, are the same as they were in the war and are quite atmospheric.


Orbs are nonsense.  What you are seeing is a piece of airborne dust being illuminated by the flash of the camera or by the light from outside.  Sorry, but the sooner we all start admitting that orbs are not supernatural, the sooner that this fringe science becomes just another science and not something to be laughed at.


Not a ghost.

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July, 2013
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