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Usually, I receive photographs from visitors and so, it is with a great amount of giddiness and trepidation, that for the first time, I present a photo taken by myself.

I have recently began going on ghost hunting trips with a local paranormal research society and, while I don't always agree with their techniques or methods (good lord, they actually think orbs are paranormal) I enjoy hanging around with them and going to various and supposedly haunted locations.

It was in Marysland Cemetery that this photograph was taken.  I was told by the head of the group that the cemetery is highly active and the lore is that it is haunted by a benevolent woman in a black dress who has actually been photographed by the group (and, I have to admit, it's an impressive capture).  The reason why the woman in the black dress haunts the cemetery is because her children, who died before she did, are buried there and she watches over them.

On the night of the investigation, I wandered off from the rest of the small group and began taking pictures.  I don't have the words to describe it, but I was drawn to a circle of trees at the back edge of the property, but saw nothing, heard nothing, and nothing showed up in any of my pictures.

A little disappointed that such a strong feeling resulted in nothing, I decided to take pictures of everything I could.  After a couple of hours, we called it a night and went home.

A few days later, I noticed the picture in question amoung the 300 I took that night.  It was a woman with a ponytail walking toward the circle of trees I had the feeling about.  Her body is transparent and her legs are invisible.  She is walking to the right of a tree and in front of a chain link fence which is partially blocked from her being in front of it.

Could this be the mysterious lady in black?


I know, I know... everyone's ready to pull the matrixing card on me for this one and, rightfully so.  I myself am not fully convinced I caught a phantom, but the head of the paranormal society I was with believes I did.  I also have to admit, that if this is matrixing... it's damn good matrixing.  The fact that the figure appears to be blocking the fence behind her is also noteworthy and the fact that her lower half is transparent is downright spooky.


I won't write a conclusion for this one.  Instead, I leave that to you.  Did I catch a ghost or is it just random grain or some plant I didn't notice?  Post your thoughts below.

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