The Ghost and the Lamb

The Story

Sent in by John O'Donahue:

These were taken in North Wales, near Cregennan Lakes, an area noted for ancient standing stones. The sheep happened to be closer than usual, and did not run off when I approached, so I took a couple of photos, having sold photos of sheep before.

The white blur was not visible to me or my sister when we took the photos, though you can see in one of them that the sheep appears to be looking directly at it.

The camera has never produced anything like this before or since.


As a paranormal investigator, it's important to remember that you have to rule every possible avenue out before you come to the conclusion that a photo is genuine.  With this picture, for example, it's easy to just say that an unexplained blob of light is a ghost when a more simple and down to Earth explanation is more likely.


Looking at the position of the sun and the possible high ISO and shutter speed used in taking this picture, I believe that what we have here is the photographer's finger (or perhaps a piece of blowing clothing or a camera strap) accidentally getting in front of the lens.


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July, 2013
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