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Hi. I am a frequent visitor to your site and have you marked on FB. I love a lot of the things you post and enjoy reading the jokes and looking at the curiosities and what not. The original reason I came upon Slightly Warped was a link to ghost pics. Problem is all you really have are some classics and some really bad attempts by amateur photographers that scream disappointment 90% of the time. So I am going to send you a couple of pics my wife and I got while visiting Gettysburg, PA in Feb this year. It looked to us like a total disappointment on the paranormal end. Hours upon hours of viewing film, audio, and stills and came up with a whole lot of nothing. We even went on an "official" ghost hunt with the Gettysburg Paranormal Association (GPA) lol to a mansion off the battlefield thats in front of the Eisenhower Hotel. Spent almost 3 hours and got nothing but a few personal experiences. However, after we got back home, we went through them again and found 2 very interesting pictures, both on the battlefield during the day time. One I caught by complete accident because I was zooming in with my camera to check out what looked like an anomaly in the stone wall. As I panned over while zoomed in I noticed what appeared to be a confederate soldier standing behind some trees right in the middle of the battlefield. We know this was no living person because stepping out onto the battlefield is prohibited due to relic hunting. I thought it might be matrixing or some odd tree formation but I debunked it as such because it stands out so clearly and appears behind the tree formation. I will let you analyze it and decide for yourself. The second picture was at a confederate monument of some soldiers raising a flag. We parked next to this statue and my wife tried to get a shot of it FIVE times! Each time the shot came out blurred. she wasn't moving but we couldn't get a clear picture. Again NO ONE was around...I mean it was Feb..we just happened to luck out and it was in the 60's - 70's lol. But after seeing the 4th picture taken here we noticed 2 people standing on each side of the statue...even though there was no one here. The one to the left has some definable features. You can tell he has a beard and the attire hes wearing looks to be a soldier's uniform...the twin yellow stripes coming off his sleeve really suggests this. The other "person" is hardly definable at all and appears to be missing a portion of his head and body. Again I leave this up to you but I feel that these are some of the best pictures I have seen recently and definitely the best I have caught. So again I leave the analysis to you. I wholeheartedly swear these pictures where not faked or tampered with. The only adjustments made where the red circles I made with paint to highlight the ghosts. Enjoy.

Jerry Hodge


Blurred photographs are so hard to honestly analyze because everyone sees something different in the softened details.  For example, in the first photograph I think that one of the circled subjects looks like a klansman.

As I said... we all see what we think we see.  These could be ghosts, but they could also be trees, bushes, animals, unseen tourists wandering around.  It's too hard to tell.


Insufficient evidience.

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