The Church on Bodmin Moor

The Story

Here's a photo my cousin took in a Church on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall UK. The shot was taken with an HTC sense smart phone in black and white it seems. On the right hand side of the photo on the wall, a "Face" can be seen. To me it looks like some kind of ghostly Guardian. This could be a classic case of Matrixing as we all know, but I thought it was interesting none the less. The church itself looks pretty empty to me, many older churches in remote locations in the UK are under the care of charitable organisations and don't hold regular services. Cheers, hope you like it. (I have no more info on this, as me and my cousin hardly talk and I would feel awkward asking, but I give her all the credit and thanks for the permission)



Adam had it spot on when he called it matrixing because that's what it is and, I will say, this is an interesting example and I'm glad he sent it in even though what we're looking at is paint chips and not a ghost.


Not a ghost.

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