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Hi Jason,

I'm sending you these pictures I took on location where I work. I cannot disclose where I work and the exact location, but I will say the picture is of some vehicles involved in fatal car accidents. I decided to take a picture of these wrecks to see if anything came out. As you can see there are some eerie images. I have not altered the images other than messing with the brightness on the second pic and cropping the third. Please tell me your opinion and know that this picture was taken in the middle of the night, can't recall the exact date sometime last year, and no one else was in the garage at the time.




This one is a little tough to call.  I see no reason why a paranormal explanation should be jumped immediately to.  More than likely, what we're looking at is some overhead illumination reflected in the car's windshield.  I'm not saying that it's definitely paranormal, I just think that there are too many "normal" explanations to delve through before deciding its a ghost especially with a shape so nondescript.


Not a ghost.

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July, 2013
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