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Okay. My name is Anastasia Weitz, and i live in Albuquerque New Mexico. I was getting ready to fall asleep for a plane trip i have tomorrow when i started to mess around with my camera and took random shots of my room at my grandparent's house. now, i am 13 years old, and i do believe in ghosts or spirits, but i didn't expect this.

For the first photo, its just a normal picture of my room. I looked at it and i saw that, near one of my pillows, was an odd figure, so i looked at it closer. This is the circle on the right. I didn't see the figure-like thing on the left until just moments ago.I'm not all that sure if it's anything at all or just a figure of my imagination.

The second photo is exactly the same picture, but i was messing around with its colors. I changed it so that the warmer parts of the room were darker. And i saw that on the bed, there were two spots of warmth in the same spots the figures were shown in the previous photo. No one has been in this room for almost three weeks now, other than coming in maybe once in a while to make sure the lights were off. I also note that the spots of warmth look somewhat human-like.

This all has inspired me to try and capture more photos like this. I will be out in the state of Colorado for the next week and maybe i can get something there.

I'm not sure if this is anything or not, but i just wanted to be sure. Thank you for taking the time to look at this.



This isn't the first example I've seen of ghosts getting caught in bed (not remotely what I meant).  Often, beds - particularly old ones - are death beds in which the final few minutes of life are played out. Such high emotion and pain often leaves lingering impressions on the environment that translate into hauntings.

While I am unaware of this bed's history, I still hesitate to call this picture the genuine article for two reasons.  One, the first picture just isn't that impressive.  I've looked in the circled areas, but I don't see anything that even begins to make me suspect a ghost is present.  The second picture, yes... I see the dark areas and they are vaguely human-like, but that brings me to doubt #2 and that is that Ana says something about "messing around" with the color.  I'm assuming that this is one of the camera's features.  If you look at the bed, the dark areas are visible, but if you also look at the walls, there is notable blurring consistent with a camera's noise-reduction filters in which grain is eliminated by slightly blurring and homogenizing the picture.


I would venture a very sure guess that the ghosts we are looking at are really a noise reduction feature of the camera trying and failing to homogenize and smooth the patterns on the quilt resulting in a pair of strange shadows.  These shadows were probably initially caused by the natural depression of the mattress over time as people slept on it.

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