My Personal Experiences, Part Two

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Ghost EVPs

Real Ghost Stories

I asked for your personal ghost stories, and got some really good ones.  Click on that link above for Real Ghost Stories!

Have you recorded an EVP?  Send it in and I'll put it up!

If you are looking for a place to fawn over orbs or hoaxed photos, please find yourself another website.  I believe in the paranormal, but at the same time, for it to be taken seriously by those who only see it as fringe science, it has to be taken seriously by those who follow it as well.

Do you have a ghost story?  I'm about to start a whole new section on personal experiences and I would love to include yours.  Please tell your story in narrative format.  Spelling and grammar is a must! Send it to me!

If you want to send a picture to me for analysis I welcome it but please let me know if you took the photo on a digital, film, or picture phone camera.  Please let me know the location and the date if that is possible.  All these things are important.

Also, please don't send me orbs.  I really hate that.

I will check all photos for fraud and photoshopping and, if I feel that either are taking place I will voice my suspicions.  E-mailing pictures to me grants me unlimited use, therefore I will not remove photos once they are analyzed for any reason, but I will post any objections or counterarguments that are sent to me.

1. Orbs are dust.  That's it.  No spirits, no ghosts, they are dust.  Sometimes bugs, but mostly dust.

2. The majority of psychics are con artists.  While I believe that psychic phenomenon has the potential to be a real thing, I have yet to witness a single "psychic" do anything beyond guessing and fishing for clues.

3. The majority of ghost-related television shows are bogus ratings grabbers.

4. Ninety-nine percent of all supposed ghost pictures can be explained away.  That one percent, though?  Amazing.

If you have a picture you would like to share, please send it to me.

The Mists of Mystery
July, 2013
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