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Are there ghosts?  Do things really go bump in the night?  Are we alone when the lights go out?

I had some pretty jarring personal - what I believe to be - paranormal experiences growing up and was put into a position where I was ridiculed and humiliated by those I loved and trusted most in the world when I came foreword.

As a result, I have been seeking answers for years but, as I delved deeper and deeper into the lore and science of the supernatural, I found myself becoming more and more disenfranchised.

Orbs, photoshopped pictures, things that sort of look like faces... To be frank, a lot of what I saw online is bullshit and, in my opinion, we shouldn't be afraid to call bullshit when we see it.

So, if you are looking for a place to fawn over orbs or hoaxed photos, please find yourself another website.  I believe in the paranormal, but at the same time, for it to be taken seriously by those who only see it as fringe science, it has to be taken seriously by those who follow it as well.

With that philosophy, I started The Mists of Mystery with a critical and skeptical eye on the paranormal world. 

Some love us for it, others hate us for it, but it's what we do.

- Picture Analysis -

When submitting a picture to this website, please only submit pictures you have personally taken or have permission to submit.  Once submitted, rights are granted by the photo's owner to analyze and display the picture critically.  Photos will not be removed if the picture owner disagrees with the analysis, but the owner's objections and rebuttals will be published in the analysis.

This site assumes that rights are granted by the submitter.  In the event a picture is submitted without the owner's permission, the site will remove the picture if sufficient evidence of ownership is presented.

- Picture Analysis FAQ -

Q: How do I submit a picture to your website?

A: Please send the picture to me via e-mail at with the word "ghost" in the subject line. If possible, please send the picture in the highest resolution possible free of highlighting marks and image manipulation (brightness, contrast, etc.).  If you have a manipulated picture you wish to send, you may send it as an additional attachment.

It is also requested that you include a narrative account of the events leading up to and following the picture.  Please include the location, date, time, weather conditions, how many were in your party, what you were doing, and other pertinent information.   Please also include what sort of camera you were using.  Spelling and grammar may be corrected.

- Real Ghost Stories -

Your personal experiences are always welcomed and you may send them to

Personal stories are always published without comment.

Please do not include real names unless you have been given permission.  Spelling and grammar may be corrected.

- EVPs -

EVPs are welcomed.  Please send them to in an MP3 format.  Although we have only just begun analyzing EVPs, I have over eleven years in radio and audio manipulation under my belt.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: What experiences happened to you that interested you in the paranormal?

A: I am compiling an account of these experiences in the "Real Ghost Stories" section of this website.  They are called "My Personal Experiences."

Q: How do you determine if a picture contains something paranormal?

A: It varies from picture to picture, but for the most part photos are put though various Photoshop filters and personal accounts are also analyzed.  When determining the legitimacy of a photo, we consider the following things...

  • It is assumed that the submitter/photographer is being truthful in their accounts.  Sure, it is possible that they might exaggerate or outright lie for the attention, but since personal experiences can neither be proved or disproved, debating the submitters truthfulness is a waste of time, therefore, all claims are believed to be valid unless solid evidence proves otherwise.

  • It is assumed that no trickery is involved in the composition of the photo unless the trickery is evident through analysis.  If that is the case, suspicions will be voiced.

  • Unless extremely unusual circumstances present themselves, "orbs" and "ectoplasm" are not considered paranormal.

  • Proper analysis of low resolution or blurry pictures will not be possible.

Q: Why don't you consider orbs paranormal?

A: To put it mildly, orbs are bullshit.  I have been a photographer for years and I am fully aware of what they really are... dust, drizzle, snow, rain and/or light reflection.  There is nothing paranormal about them and I have yet to see sufficient proof of any kind to the contrary. 

Q: Why don't you consider ectoplasm paranormal?

A: Ectoplasm is bullshit.  Photos today that purport to contain ectoplasm can be easily explained away by dust clouds, cold breath, fog, or cigarette smoke.  I have yet to see sufficient proof of any kind that ectoplasm is a real thing.

Q: Don't you think you're being closed-minded on orbs and ectoplasm?

A: No.  As I've said, they are phenomenon that are easily replicated in almost any environment and easily explained away.  For paranormal study to be taken seriously, it has to take itself seriously and screaming "Orb!" every time a speck of dust floats in front of your flash does not further the cause.

Q: Do you really believe in the paranormal at all?

A: I believe that there is much we don't understand and that we honestly don't know how much we don't know about the mind, energy, and environment.  That being said, if we are to be serious about the paranormal, we have to weed out the fakes and the false positives.  In astronomy, if a hypothesis does not work out, it is discarded.  In parapsychology, if a picture can be explained away rationally based on the world we know, we have to accept it didn't work out just like any other branch of science does.

So, yes... I do believe in the paranormal, but I also believe there are flakes, attention-seekers, and frauds as well as well-meaning people who might not understand what they have caught on film.  Digging through those, we fight that one percent of one percent of photos that cannot be explained and those are just wondrous and worth the skepticism.

Q: I submitted a ghost picture to you and, in your analysis, you said it was not a ghost at all.  Well, I know it was, I am angry with you, and I don't want my picture displayed on your website anymore.  Will you take my picture down?

A: No.  Once submitted, the submitter grants rights to this website to display the picture indefinitely.  We will not take down the picture because you disagree with an analysis, but we will grant the submitter/photographer to submit a disagreement or rebuttal that will be published on the picture's page.

If we were to take down every picture we determined not to be supernatural, it would undermine what this website is about and, to be frank, if you don't want your picture analyzed, please don't send it to us because, if you have doubts... we're probably going to have them as well.

Pictures will be removed if they were submitted without the permission of the original photographer under the condition that the original photographer supply sufficient evidence that they are the proper owner of said photos.

Historical pictures are assumed to be public domain.

Q: Which ghost pictures do you consider the best evidence for the supernatural so far?

A: Keeping in mind that this is only my personal opinion and someone smarter or more adept could still explain them or debunk them to my satisfaction, the thumbs below lead to my favorite - possibly legitimate - ghost pictures. 

If you have a picture you would like to share, please send it to me.

The Mists of Mystery
September, 2014
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